Late Bloomer

I am going to be completely honest, I was not the biggest fan of books when I was young. I didn’t really get sucked into a book until middle school. As I grew older I started to fall in love with not only what was written in a story, but how the story was made; what was going through the author’s mind when writing such creative stories? The first book that I remember not being able to put down was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. My friend Katelyn had read it and told me how amazing it was, and she asked me to see the movie with her when it came out, but I had to finish the book first.

Now, remember, this was a long time ago so I don’t remember everything about the book other than it was a huge page-turner. I remember more how it made me feel rather than the actual contents of the book compared to the movie. So many people told me that I was going to cry during the movie, but I didn’t. I remember tearing up while reading or at least definitely feeling really sad.

I enjoyed the book it’s what started my love of books, but in comparison to the movie, I like it more. I think this was because the book made me go into that movie theater with high expectations. I was constantly waiting for certain scenes to come and they never did, or I got nervous during certain parts of the movie because I knew they didn’t end well. I’m not saying that the book ruined the movie for me, but if I had seen the movie before reading the book then I think I still would have been caught off guard in some scenes. For example, I watched the Harry Potter movies before the books. Even though I knew how the whole story ended, there were still parts on the plot that I didn’t know about. Overall, I end up enjoying books more because no matter where I start, I’m always going to be surprised by something.




By: Emma Gomes…all I got to say is I’m excited. Let’s do this!

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Burning Words

Burning Words

By: Emma Gomes…all I got to say is I’m excited. Let’s do this!

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